How to Proceed

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A1 Audits is excited to offer our specialised audit services to clients all over Australia.
We offer a fixed fee service. Our current schedule of fees can be viewed here:

Step 1 – download our checklist:

Document checklist: Our trust account audit checklist can be downloaded here:

Step 2 – register for / login to our client portal:

Client Portal (for new clients):

Client portal login details (for existing clients):

For any existing clients we have already setup access to our client portal for you as follows:

Step 3 – upload documents:

Once logged in to our Client Portal:

Once logged in, go to ‘Shared Folders’, click on your business name, locate the appropriate year and
then upload the source documents to the “Input” folder within that year. For example, if we are
completing an audit for the period ending 30/06/22 then please upload all documents in the ‘Input’
folder under ‘2022’.

Step 4 – notify us to get started:

Once you have uploaded all your documents and the audit is ready to start, please notify us by
filling out the form here: